I watched him from afar like any independent thinkers who valued their current existence.
A tyrant, he walked onto the battlefield with his army of women and strongmen and soaked up his enemies strengths and ripped them apart with their weaknesses, some they didn’t even know they had until it was too late, an understanding cruelty, the kind that spread fear,
There was men who may of beaten him but they just seemed to keep their distance, while the world still seemed large enough to coexist they left him be.
He seemed to take a part of every natural living thing and absorb it to the point where it may be of benefit in wisdom, skill and strength.
People lost count of the number of his offspring, it was never a clear area anyway. Although jokes arose when young women and men trying to prove themselves from his community showed his characteristics.
Deadly, people revered the energy he put into the security of their lives.