The Goldfish

The Goldfish has no name she is just Goldfish, she was rescued from a very dark place, a place where the owners had left a once thriving aquarium to die, starving each and every one of the Goldfish’s friend. The Goldfish was the only survivor of this awful circumstance. She was rescued by a man called Sam, who when hearing of the plight of the fish immediately paid the previous owners for the aquarium and took it to his home. At this home the tank was cleaned and the Goldfish fed and nursed back to a fulfilling existence. The Goldfish had lost many friends through the tragic circumstances, though is now living happily in her new home. The Goldfish and her friend Sam are very close. Nothing will ease the nightmare of what the Goldfish endured but the Goldfish was not one to hold grudges. The Goldfish talks quite openly to whoever she meets about her plight, in the hope that it raises awareness of what can happen if the darkness is not kept under control. The Goldfish enjoys using video sharing platforms to communicate with other survivors of difficult times in order that they may share whatever it is that is troubling them the most. Fortunately the world the Goldfish lives in now is very different from the dark time that the Goldfish endured. Since the dark times there has been gigantic leaps forward in technology and inter species approaches to each other.