Just how original can we be,
when measured with infinity,
just how right can we be,
when wrong was all we used to know,
clear your mind and get some sleep,
have a walk in the cool of night,
smile at the morning sun as it warms your face,
a representative of the human race,
could you repeat that and tell me what was actually correct,
known and factual,
about the actual we do not know,
fragile, what a pretty site,
evoking jealousy and bad taste,
what a waste,
you, hap hazzard, guessed correct,
I can’t tell you anything yet,
why, because i can’t comprehend,
therefore, how can you be the one supposed to mend,
enough, take care as you driven slowly round the bend,
incoming and outgoing, she blagged her head,
get to bed,
reluctant faith in a fickle, ill informed mind of his own,
a good feeling to feel at home,
solidarity, obedience and sincerity,
reflect mildly as the mirror shows me weakness,
but i won’t let that be the excuse,
there can be no excuse,
just an excuse me, as I walk past,
blank, too high to ask questions,
too paranoid to wait for a response,