That walk, natural movements of a perfect woman, Umna, maybe half my days staring her way, Umna looked fine this afternoon, her black body covered only with paint, gold and white streaks.

Ready to fight, though today will hopefully be a peaceful one, in my mind her scent, let me shake off this haze with a line of powder, tut tuts from the medicine ladies Tolana and Caras as they rack me up some exciting white lines, smiling from mushrooms, wandering from hash, pepped on powder. Music would only make things to busy, there is already swagger and a motion within us.

The sun is shining, there’s a gentle breeze, i’m feeling like talking to the trees. Feeling ok, a busy active mind, thoughts going the right way. It is their company that keeps me on track, sincerity and beauty, fierce but fun.

They start talking, I ask questions, listen to their answers finding my own. Their hair grows in such interesting ways, uniquely complimenting their physique. A cold drink quenches my thirst, wet kisses all round.

I wake to the babble of a brook, a pleasant feeling, the women seem angry though content. Coffee and hash awaits, myself I feel good. We work, fight and play through the first half of the day.

Two intruders preying on animals, we cut them down with arrows, chopped them up, roasted them on a fire and shared out the pieces between us and the rest of the beasts.

Tolana’s brown skin glistens with sweat, her hair damp. Happy and excited we dance together, a magical night.