Right from wrong


Butterfly’s light the day,

Spring has warmed us well,

live once more,

shine and fade away,

I came to love you and warm your days,

to have my say,

to argue and fight,

to decipher right from wrong,

Changing form

Covered in earth,
hopeless but alive,
soft warm rain washes away,
diversity of imagination,
searching for impact,
familiar sounds,
instant memories,
enduring smiles,
fragility, ignorant conscious,
kindness built on destruction,
volcanic eruption,
changing forms,

Confines of perception

The construct of persona,
walking in the wilderness,
elements bind my being, 
rugged terrain,
the only company for my brain, 
I notice my breath,
regret no longer exists,
an animal,
fear is a skill,
paranoia a craft,
though I am at ease,
the quest for value is over,




We would not be one without the other,

cruel words in comforting landscapes,

fear squirms like a fight for life,

sending shudders through my core,

or at least my skin,

cold calm,

living in my own shadow,

my ego could match yours,

humble liars and honest eccentrics,

lost bohemians,

oppression for the civilized,

agony for anarchists,

paid companies part ways,

unlocked by blockchain,

tolerance takes us to new highs,

where meat ends,

desire cooks on an open fire,

qwell the flames,

with sparkling mineral water,

from the south of France,

contention with probability,

equal inheritance of chance,



Shouting in the tundra,

frozen compasses guide us,

you sit beside me,

no burden to your horse,

warm breath,

white expanse,

i think and shudder,

i shudder and think,

the sun sinks,

we huddle,

crackling flicker of fire,

sleeping soundly,

another day wishes us well,


but in love,

clear stars in the sky above,