The evolving logic of maths,
time hard to comprehend,
colour we can not see,
tectonic plates,
process the landscape,
in the shadow of her might,
I set out my stall,
too tired to make sales,
I set sail,
falling asleep,
fearful depths,
Mariana trenches,
beneath my boat,
I wake,
raise the sails,
bargaining with the wind,
to return me to dry-land,

Value Chains

Are you ready, 
to see money for what it is worth,
Are you ready,
for your wife to give birth,
Are you ready,
to raise the fallen,
Are you ready,
to carry the great,
Are you ready,
for peace on your plate,
Are you ready,
for the end of hate,


Disingenuous callous conscious,
gives the strength to carry on,
arrogance and vanity,
soothe my sanity,
was it you,
your kind,
your wicked ways,
shaped this world and all of it's days,


Soaring through an aurora sky,
I catch up and let go,
soft snow falls gently to the ground,
we are warm,
as is love,
placed beneath the stars above,



Smiling faces drift by on a warm quiet day,
I am left with little to say,
happiness is all around,
unpacking my spirit,
I let my worry drain away,

Right from wrong


Butterfly’s light the day,

Spring has warmed us well,

live once more,

shine and fade away,

I came to love you and warm your days,

to have my say,

to argue and fight,

to decipher right from wrong,