The contents of your heart, 
the contents of sin, 
washed together in a fine gin, 
souls with no control, 
suffering in the context, 
the oppressors, 
those with an ideology far removed,

Winter Resort


Tomorrow in a single symphony, and love and lies and hurt tries and smiles to mend a broken heart all but forgotten all along in a sense of wonder and amazement at the beauty of a snow covered crisp and powdered land of love and lust, flakes fall in a peaceful aggressive sense of covering tracks of this the world, the next, the one before and the one after.


Take my hand, 
take hold, 
hold my body and sink with me, 
float through the symphony's of the most fearsome oceans,
wrestle with me as we squirm in a fight for life,
infinite, synchronised, 80's synths,
grains of heartache,
hit me like a cloud of chemicals,
deep devotion,
floating in mystery,
thumping drums,
frenzy of ecstasy,
elation that will not stop,
hide your clocks,
thank the unknown for your imagination,


She stood,
a warrior, tall,
solid frame,
wrapped in muscle,
put me to shame,
what can I give,
what have I got,
she needs nothing,
I nearly forgot,
to be close,
is where I need to be,
though I am at ease,
she is my village,
and I am her people,


In the shadow of my ego, 
I lay down to rest, 
get undressed, 
feel less depressed, 
ready to roar, 
I'l settle for a smile,
love and senses of belonging,
easing back and forth like an ocean, 
mood swings, 
all that energy brings, 
dance yourself into a cosmic ray, 
say sunshine, 
french kisses, 
enthusiasm of those that demand your care. 
wise words from a hole in the ground, 
people gather round, 
affections for the dead,  
ill mannered, 
reflections of selfish decisions,
weakness of will, 
aerobic determination,

Morning, Morning

A kiss, 
legitimate reasons for bliss, 
sincere approaches,
optimistic advances, 
the signature,
all the rest that went with it,
next week,
five thousand years ago, 
regret, despair, 
freedom not to care, 
civil unrest,
pleasant nods, 
morning and smiles, 
a newly qualified academic,
with such a lot to learn,
a volcano erupts, 
clouds of ash and cash, 
all mixed together in the sky, 
a lilac background and pink surprises, 
trust her smile and the warmth of the sun, 
cosmos, matter and the maker of shoes,


Like a Shaman,
I shake the tree,
I dance beside her,
she dances beside me,
in the centre of a square,
of family and friends,
though plenty of space,
for centre stage,
the beginning of time,
a coming of age,
filthy and hot,
we danced such a lot,
through lack of sleep,
excitement grows,
a need to find answers,
to what nobody seems to know,
or was it that I  just wouldn't listen,
so determined for my own version of events,
I rest and restart,
somewhere near the beginning,
the strangest thing about this very moment,
is that in the context of infinity,
it may have happened infinite times,
I do still enjoy pretty pleasant colours,
and all manner of intriguing and exciting things,


Heads swelling beyond cognition,
booming voices of conflict,
please leave me in peace,
do not disturb the pheasants,
you will find no peace in justice,
or justice in peace,
distance is soothing,
chemical compromise,
pleasure leaves me alone,


I discover,
I begin to see,
what is diversity,
what it means to me,
carried away,
lost in thought,
everything taught,
smiled upon,
warmed gently with the Sun,
celebrate your cruelty,
beat your drum,
wishing away,
kind free spirit,
unguarded sentiment,
idols and threats,