Teaching Reach

May the tide come and take away,
all that lack sincerity,

for the world is tired,
of those who just take,
pleasure and victory from others mistakes,

let the salt water cleanse,
those who have not made amends,

set us free from nicotine,
that causes us to sacrifice our health,

set us free from unnecessary need,
as here is not the place for greed,

your example was to flip the tables,
of those who are lenders,
that profit from others misfortune,

let us care diligently,
for the interests of all who surround,
don't let us forget,
to challenge what is not correct,

let us never forget the courage you gave,
to show freedom to the modern slave,

let all of us teach,
and enjoy the reach,

Early Decisions

A shining bright light,
allows a child to work at night,
with hopes and dreams,
vision and decision,
to leave the world a better place,
than that inherited by human disgrace,

give the person the strength to hold on,
to all that comes,
and all that is gone,
allow them to sing their own sweet song,
allow them to feel that they belong,

try to encourage,
and forever nourish,
the spirit that drives,
for improving lives,

keep them strong,
in the face of all that is wrong,
let them feel others just us real,
other people with a sturdy vision,
of what makes the perfect decision,

Resolution confusion

A decision is made,
the action must follow,
a definitive step,
no time to wallow

a day at a time,
actions in line,
the journey to the vision,
of our ever distant decision,

whatever the plan,
just do what you can,
turn over a new leaf,
with great belief,

support each other,
to discovery,
what can help you achieve,

remember your first step,
and don't forget,
what it is you hold dear,
and what you saw so clear,

try not to despair,
as if your intention is there,
then what will matter,
if how much you care,

Time is a test

Time is a test,
with which we must do our best,

a pendulum swing,
the most valuable thing,

time as we know it only rolls on,
one day we will ask,
where has it all gone,

I hope and pray,
that with each day,

that we can say,
we have done,
all that we could,
with what we have been given,

time is a test,
so don't over rest,

do what you can,
to help what you may,

and let not others say,
that it was wasted away,

set your own pace,
as all do finish the race,

let us be driven,
and all forgiven,

My horse

My horse Grummey,
just you and me,

you gave the best feelings,
that life has to offer,

a warm friendly face,
that is not easily found in the human race,

the mischievous eyes,
which to think of makes me cry,

may you be forever,
in your finest form,

for when you were born,
the world began to learn,

what happiness life can bring,
and what can make the heart sing,

white as snow,
for you my love will only grow,

time cannot take,
the moments we make,

together we can always talk,
about what makes us feel safe and happy, 

Who doesn’t love?

Who doesn't love, the stars above,
who doesn't love, clean water,
who doesn't love, a good meal,
who doesn't love to touch and feel,
who doesn't love, the sound of the waves lapping the shore,
who doesn't love, little lambs,
who doesn't love, a kind face,
who doesn't love, working together,
who doesn't love, the wind in your hair,
who doesn't love, the gentle warmth of the sun on the face,
if we share what we love,
then we can embrace,
simple things like sand in your hair,
can save us all from despair,

Busy as a Bee

Working to leave a world that has found its balance,
a balance where there is no despair,
a balance where all have water, food and love,

everyone cares though some have despaired,
industriousness matched with the correct use of resources,
can help us reach a balanced world,

an international survey for every man, woman and beast,
to tell us all,
what could lead them to peace,

we have the resources it's just how they are managed,
the right people all exist,
they are just lost in the abyss,

the foundations have been laid,
for us to work together,
to build a world in balance forever,

Unanswered Questions

There are many unanswered questions,
one of which is what happens when we pass on?
the question is unsolved,

we know so little,
and act so bitter,

keep the peace,
leave teachings,
create the fun,

if we work hard,
then there must be water and food for all,
we must work to find the balance of the world,
that means peace for all,

if we write down what comes to mind,
this can be documented,
passed on to those who come after us,
all we can do is share a sentence or two,

Cheeps: For my friends the Hens

The distant cheep,
of all so sweet,
how did we become so distant from you,

my cheeps I hear,
all that we are putting you through,
through the terror and sin,
the awful din,
I can barely tolerate my own skin,

you never provoked,
such awful treatment,
my cheeps I hear you throughout,

may we please make amends,
my feathered friends,
for soon we be drawn so close,
that eyes must meet the path we chose,

Guide me now

For you my dear,
it is so clear,
that the stars belong,
to you for that long,

for your weep,
is all that keeps my feet,
so sturdy to the ground,
that I daren't make a sound,

guide me know,
and show me how,
to live strong, healthy and long,

provide the song
for which we belong,
the fire of which we must,
treat with such caution,
for through its safety,
we must not be hasty,

please guide me now,