Lily the Lion Cub

Lily the lion cub is the first daughter of Thomas and Barbara, she is fortunate to be in a golden time, a time when all are now connected in harmony. A time when there is no hunger, a time when the imagination can create almost anything it wishes. Lily enjoys using her imagination to come up with new ways to solve any ailments that others may be suffering from. She has already helped towards a dozen if not more exciting breakthroughs in healthcare. Connected to the internet she can communicate her ideas with anyone she wishes to connect with. Playful with wit, there is few that can touch her problem solving capabilities, She lives for Spring, when the world becomes alive in parts of the world which are more seasonal than others. She likes to travel, though travel is something of a different experience now than in the dark years, now there are designated aerial highways that are a vacuum that one can travel very quickly without the fear of hurting another species. She is certainly one that keeps dreams alive. As well inspiring and giving others the confidence to follow their own dreams. She keeps her parents feeling young through and is constantly challenging them for answers to questions that only the elders may have an answer.