Je ne comprends pas

Hours! Floating around on his laptop dreaming of tall towers and spare hours, as the days whistled away I good hear him dismay. What have I achieved today. Before bed a late hour he would try to convince himself to have a shower. After crawling away from his laptop dreaming of having a cause. He did have a cause, but no platform, no voice, an internet generation lost with choice. Comprehending campaigners that fought so hard. The lady who threw herself under a horse. He imagined her YouTube channel filled with passionate cause.

Now bring yourself do those mundane chores. House cleaning and washing up, the world can wait until you have cleaned the last plate. Come here and put on a song, let the kettle boil it won’t take long. He put in a minimum amount of water so that it would boil fast as possible though enough to make the tea sometimes a coffee occasionally a hot chocolate.

The style of that man with his endless cars and private jets sandy white beaches high resolution mountains and sparkling babbling streams was this all that was left of his dream.

Like and share fill your boots this is now. We are live on YouTube, subscribe! I promise not to steal your precious time and monetise it into mine! Come this way, Oui Oui! can’t you see this is what separates you from me. Put on your glasses and immerse yourself.

Just a couple of minutes……put your family and work aside…..pretend as if you have died.