Frosty Starz

My stars have aligned, I will disappear,
no love, no worry, no heartache or fear,
I will take your photograph every day, print it and send it on its way,
so as I wander lost, I will meet you and share a smile,
everyday you brighten,
speaking through rambling thunder,
lightening cracks in the sky,
starting another beautiful day together,
rain falls, we begin to march again,
we stand in solidarity,
with everyone and who they tried to be,
evil, wicked,
narrow-minded, short-sighted,
heartless, selfish shits,
love enveloped them,
we fight to forgive,
as the paranoia disposes of every pleasant feeling,
lonely and miserable,
I mutter,
a testament to lack of trust,
what do you know?
I am happy,
perhaps I was born to hate,
you my white friend, are in the wrong state,