Emotion Pictures

I’m sorry but I forgot, how we parted or where we left off,
You grew old and I grew angry and sad,
The clouds float silently through the sky,
Moving without motion,
Emotion….I could see through their wickedness, straight through their folly,
Like moss on a roof,
clinging to truth,
We are the ones who dream,
In clean air,
Pulling small pieces of beach sand carefully from our hair,
We are the ones who feel,
We are the ones who believe in our elements,
We believe the choice,
We are the ones with wings, the birds Who sing,
The one’s who eat peacefully,
We are the ones who know your language,
We are the ones that will keep you sane,
I will stand on that mountain and I’ll speak to the crowd,
I’ll sit in silence and listen,
I’ll be dragged from my horse in an ancient skirmish,
We like your ideas, we share your fears,
The air was fresh and the wind was mild, it reminded me of when I was a child.
I’m walking with you through your favourite grass field, holding your smallest finger struggling to keep pace, happy, everyday we are busy, everyday we are angry, everyday we laugh, everyday we create arguments just to fight, in the end agreeing each other is right.
There are others but they are black as night.
Teach me and tell me i’m right.