I’m not here to beg you not to set sail,
I just wish I could follow you like a blue whale,
I wish you a peaceful voyage,
I hope the land is pleasant,  
The water clear and the grass green,
I hope the people are sincere,
I hope you have no reason to fear,
I look forward to your stories,
though to imagine is not to share,
I will be there by your side, 
along for the ride, 
drifting with the tide,
where shall I go, 
what do I know,
I don’t think I could ever be anywhere else,
I wouldn’t want to be, this is my own, these are my roots,
my foundations, 
this is my situation,
I pray my prayer for everyone and everything,
the loss of a friend, a veteran, a companion, 
the best for you is all I wish,
soon one day all one day we will meet I will be complete,
see you soon,