Chapter: The mouse that lived in a house with a horse.

They became inseparable, the horse and the mouse, a companionship that began when the mouse would finish pieces of food too small for the horse to eat. Over this meal they would discuss worldly affairs, without too much caution. They would laugh the night away, when daylight came each would go on their own way. The horse to the field, the mouse to its house. Never a cross word was spoken between the pair. Sometimes a winters cold crisp night, sometimes a summers warm evening. They both liked to sing and dance, though tried to leave nothing regarding safety to chance.
The horse by morning was always impatient to leave the stable. The mouse to return to its kitchen table. The horse would neigh and shout at the humans passing by as so not to be forgotten. The horse would march along the cobbled yard, on autopilot, quite capable of guiding himself round the building and straight to the field. Of which it was usually a choice of two, depending on weather condition and grass which one he would go to. As he approached the field eagerly excited, as soon as he was released he would gallop at full speed round the field, updated all with his presence, he also enjoyed to roll as he was white unlike the mouse who was dark grey, and survival had taught his to roll and cover himself in the colour of the earth.
The only way the humans could persuade the horse to leave the field and return to the stable in the evening was by providing the delicious food on his return which would later be shared with the mouse, just the right amount of food, not enough to make him fat just enough to sustain a healthy spirit, the rest of his food consisted of hay which the mouse enjoyed taking to its house to make a bed with.