Cave Art

A company may come and go,
so what may be left of your life when your done,

a chance to reproduce,
and have fun,
with the family,
in the ocean and sun,

walk through the mountains,
and rest in the meadows,

let us care for the beasts,
as they have done for us,

don't let take their lives by mistake,
for science is there,
to prove we care,

the existence of man and woman,
on a delicate crust,
of the earth's surface,

was only due to the persistence of those before us,
the reason we are here,
to serve those that came before us,
and shall come after us,

like writing on the wall of a cave,
draw a picture to show,
how you behaved,
with humility, dedication and persistence,
for the next in line,
to walk this fine land,

take the hands of those that need guidance,
and show them the direction,
that they originally wished to follow,

give those who keep the peace,
the strength they need to succeed,
let us learn from nature as were intended,
let the world remain happily suspended,