A loving ramble

Do you remember how we used to play songs,
so loud, with such fury,

the passion spent,
do not relent,
we are all destined to walk in each other's shoes,

please choose to go,
where you wish to make a home,
for this life and the next,
don't stand to long feeling perplexed,

we must learn to confront,
that which makes us uneasy,
my easy day may be wasted away,
but as long as you are in this world happy,
not a second has been wasted,

may my purpose be for you to fulfil your destiny,
may my days be based around the expressions on your face,

don't ever feel down my darling,
as earth and time shift like the starlings,

as creatures should roam,
as we should walk,
carefully through the garden,
for this is how things intended to be,
a garden you see,
not a place to consume,
not a place to stand bemused,

this is our garden and therefore we should act,
with all the care,
as we choose to be there,
with each other just as we came from our mothers,
you my naked lover,
flesh as soft as cotton covers,

don't let the tide take us,
nor the sky break us,
those that live on,
are blessed as those that pass before us,

my sentiments entirely,
to those who have to find another rock to cling to,
in the sea of eternity,
how can we replace one who has shaped us,

it is not time the healer,
nor druggy the dealer,
can help us to repair from when we despair,

remember if you can make things better,
then do so,
don't let yourself shudder,
without a rudder,
to direct you through the stormy seas,

the ocean is so deep that we can only begin to peep,
from where we came,
some shall remain,

beautiful evolving,
distant friends,
my life ensures that you do not forget,
what made you secure in the face of the brawl,